Not Quite Conversation

posted by Kevin Ohannessian

Citing a quote from 19th century writer Thomas Carlyle, Bud Bilanch talks about learning after your formal years of study are finished in his new blog. I admire the concept that it is the books you read and the study you do after college that truly makes you. Granted, that is after a childhood and educational years have shaped you tremendously. It is the years after education where a person is given the opportunity to fine-tune themselves into the adult they want to live their life as.

In other words, to quote Gandhi, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” A person can change themselves for the better, become more than their youth, and begin changing the world. Learning is something active, something that needs to be pursued methodically. And once the learning is done, you can go from being active to truly being aggressive. You have to march forth and drag the world to change.

The most recent change I made in myself was to lose some weight this year. Without getting too detailed or too boastful, I was successful because I learned about a specific weight loss program, really learned about the foods I had been and should be eating, and then aggressively pursued it. Smaller changes have been to be more green in my life, double-sided printing at work, reusable containers and bags for use at home and work, CFLs at home, and the like. This was a smaller project, simpler learning and easier tasks, but it was still a lasting change made.

So what do you want to change about yourself? About the world? Go learn about it. And then you can meet it head on.