From Notes From Planet Earth


Several days ago, I commented on a blog post concerning Sarah Palin’s decision not to abort her baby when it was discovered that he had Down syndrome.  While I am at polar opposites when it comes to Palin’s political views and ideology, I do commend her for having this child.  You, see, my youngest daughter has Down syndrome.  I was amazed and disgusted by one or two of the comments posted in that blog.  One person stated that Palin should have aborted this “so called baby” so she could have had a “normal” baby.  Obviously, to this person, a child with Down syndrome is sub-human.  This is disgusts me.  This is my daughter:

She is a human being.  She is absolutely beautiful.  She is capable of showing great love, and has the capability of contributing a great deal to society.  People with Down syndrome hold down jobs, live independently, and are even going on to college.  Far from being “sub-human”, they have just as much value as everyone else.  I have probably learned more from my daughter about unconditional love than in my 43 years of life. So, before you jump to conclusions about those that may be different than you, take the time to think.  Then take the time to educate yourself.  When you get to know an individual with Down syndrome, you will be pleasantly surprised at the love, intelligence and wit of these individuals.  Please do not judge a book by its cover!